North46 Technologies Inc. Spins Off N46.COM

Hudson, May 5, 2007

North46 Technologies Inc., the twelve year old Hudson, Quebec based technology company, has spun off its computer, Internet service and training activities into a new company, N46.COM. It retains its two websites, the InfoNet at and the Digital MarketPlace at

N46.COM expects to start formal operations on July 1, 2007 leaving North46 Technologies to concentrate on developing the two websites, acquiring more content in addition to the 150 e-Books and other digital material already available, and monetizing the content of the sites.

The new company will be headed by Bert Markgraf who will also retain control of North46 Technologies Inc. It will concentrate on IT support of professionals and small businesses in the three areas where it has significant expertise and experience.

In particular it will specialize in supply and support of computer systems; the hosting, design and maintenance of websites; and training of personnel. While mostly active in the Montreal area, N46.COM will have customers across Canada and in the United States. In carrying out its work, it will continue to commit to the excellence and high level of service which characterized the activities of North46 Technologies Inc.

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